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About Merrick Mint

The Merrick Mint, Inc. is the leader in the design, marketing, promotion and distribution of licensed and non-licensed colorized U.S. Coins. We are officially known as the only licensed sports coin and currency company in the world today. Our products include a broad range of trading card collectibles, gold cards, plush bears, stamps, stickers, candy banks, and other fine limited edition memorabilia.  Our company markets and distributes products through a variety of sales and distribution channels including television shopping channels, collector's clubs, mass retail department stores, specialty catalogs, point of purchase, promotional, and a worldwide network of wholesale distributors and specialty dealers. The Company reinforces its brands and enhances the authenticity of its products by linking them with highly recognized licensed properties.

The Merrick Mint manufacturers and creates over 1,000 new and innovative products each year.  Our current hallmark product is the legal tender U.S. colorized coin and currency.  Our revolutionary permanent colorization process to coins has satisfied a genuine thirst for coin collectors worldwide to collect for the first time ever coins of their heroes, legends, and icons, on legal tender U.S. coinage and currency. Colorizing coins involves the application of special inks directly to the surface of a coin using a unique multi-color printing process. The result is an everlasting colorized coin collectible of ultra-high quality. We are America's Largest manufacturer and the creators of both colorized U.S. coins and currency.  The Merrick Mint has invested tremendous resources in its coin and currency colorizing process to achieve a level of detail, color saturation, and durability that is #1 in the industry. Our mint is constantly on the forefront of the newest technology and the creative leader of many new techniques, such as HOLOGRAMING, 24K GOLD PLATING, DIRECT COIN SEQUENTIAL SERIAL NUMBERING, HEAT COLORIZING, COMBINATION HOLOGRAM & COLORIZATION, FOIL LEAF OVERLAY, COLOR FUSING, GLOW-IN-THE DARK, SUBLIMATION, and many more!

The Merrick Mint, a privately owned mint, has successfully created and manufactured colorized U.S. coins and/or other collectibles for many categories such as: National Football League players association (NFLPA), Major League Baseball players association (MLBPA), National Hockey League (NHL), National Hockey League players association (NHLPA), National Football League (NFL), Basketball, King Features (Betty Boop, Popeye, Baby Popeye, Baby Boop), NASCAR, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kevin Harvick, Richard Childress Racing, #3 NASCAR, Fleer, Upper Deck, Star Wars, Star Trek, United Media (Snoopy), the Beatles, Elvis, Kiss, Trump Hotels, The Bravest Fund (FDNY), Muhammad Ali, Santa Babies, Sea Hero (horse), Barry Bonds Exclusive, LeBron James, Baseball Legends (Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken, Jr., Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Reggie Jackson, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Yogi Berra, Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams), etc.  We are aggressively pursuing additional valuable and prestigious licenses every day.

For the past 23 years, our service, honesty, reliability, and quality are far beyond the best in the collectible industry.

As the pioneer of U.S. colorized coins and currency, we are proud to bring you the highest quality and most recognized colorized U.S. coins and currencies in the world.  

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About Our Premium Products

We can customize our colorized U.S. coins, currency, or gold cards with any photo, logo, or message.  We use our unique collectible colorized products to offer a wide variety of collectible gift products such as: coin maps, folios, money clips, key chains, letter openers, paperweights, golf divots, collectible spoons, Christmas ornaments, bottle openers, coasters, magnets, lapel pins, zipper pulls, and much more.  Our vast array of products are offered at all price points with a wide variety of packaging to best suit our customer’s needs.

What makes our corporate premiums so effective is the combination of making a promotional item a collectible, which ensures that the promotional item would not be easily discarded and will remain a longtime reminder of the corporation, brand, or event.  Our unique premium products are far more desirable then the more traditional promotional products at the same or higher price. Simply put, precious metals, coins, and currencies are the gifts that keep on giving while perishables and other items simply disappear or are discarded after time.

If you are a corporation or company interested in obtaining information about our premium products please contact us at 516-223-3000 or email us at: info@merrickmint.com